History / Mission

In 1960 Dr. Robert H. Mudd founded Neurosurgery PA. Over the years the name and faces have changed but our strong commitment to excellence in patient care has remained the same. Our surgeons are among a small group in the country who have been expertly trained to perform specialized surgical procedures. In 1999 CNI expanded its services by offering a multidisciplinary approach of care through our preventative and rehabilitation programs.

After 50 years we are proud to say we have a practice where a friendly voice always answers calls and most patients consider our doctors as part of their family. While technology, politics, and society are ever changing, our focus remains on our four basic philosophies. Regardless of the changes that come, we can say with great confidence Coastal Neurological Institute will continue to be a leader that puts patients first.

Our basic philosophies that will remain unchanged:

1. Patient Oriented Care

We realize that while treatment is routine for us it is potentially life changing for some patients. Our physicians take the time to listen and work together to create a treatment plan the patient is comfortable with. We emphasize patient education as part of our treatment.

2. Simpler is Better

Our physicians practice conservative treatment and only offer procedures as an option when necessary. Our surgeons are board certified and have been trained to perform minimally invasive procedures that can result in less risk, faster recovery, and unsurpassed results.

3. Leaders not Managers

Any doctor can manage a patient’s care but it is the doctor that chooses to be a leader in healthcare that makes a difference-the doctor that does not turn away a patient in need or put a patient through unnecessary procedures. If you are looking for an honest physician to take care of you then you can rely on our practice.

4. Quality is Everything

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of conditions and diseases affecting the neuromuscular and skeletal systems for the communities we have the privilege to serve. We are committed to excellence and we value the health and well-being of our patients. Our multispecialty team of highly skilled surgeons, physiatrists, nurses, physician assistants and office staff are dedicated to providing you with the most comprehensive and effective care available.

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