Workman’s Compensation

CNI physicians have had many years of experience treating workmans compensation patients. Our primary goal continues to be managing each patient in a way that will support a safe and prompt return to work. As part of our treatment process we encourage maximum patient participation and compliance with treatment.

  • Our goal is to get the patient back to work
  • Large and diversified enough to provide comprehensive care for your patients but small enough to offer the personal attention they deserve
  • Strongly encourage open communication with case managers to apprise employer of patients status
  • Office notes available same day if requested
  • Same day MRI and appointment
  • On site X Ray and Mobile’s largest open super conducting MRI films and electro diagnostic reports are available in 24-48 hours
  • Consultation with Neurosurgeons available within our practice

Severity of injury can vary. Some patients may be able to return to work after the first office visit while others may require more comprehensive treatment programs such as post-surgical patients. The following is a projected treatment schedule for patients with neck and low back pain.

Initial evaluation and treatment recommendation. Anti-inflammatory medicines, muscle relaxants, analgesics or physical therapy may be prescribed.

Evaluation of progress. Adjust medications if necessary, continue prescribed physical therapy or if warranted, consider intensifying the level of physical therapy.

Review patient notes for progress and continue medications if needed. Consider returning to work and or perform a functional capacity evaluation (FCE) if necessary.

Review of FCE and or final therapy recommendations. Assign date of Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) and Permanent Partial Impairment Rating if applicable. Assign a return to work date with restrictions if necessary.

1-2 month follow-up after return to work and prescribe periodic treatment if necessary.

*We may recommend vocational rehabilitation for patients that cannot return to their previous work conditions.

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