Brain Tumor Program

CNI offers an excellence in care of patients with brain tumors that is unparalleled in the mid-Gulf Coast region. We provide compassionate treatment with the continuity of care that is not always received at large academic institutions.

Availability of advanced technology:

Whenever possible, our physicians use non-invasive stereotactic radio surgery to treat many brain tumors. This surgery is done on an outpatient basis that results in a less stressful recovery for the patient and their family.


CNI Regional Brain Tumor Program was the only private practice program in the country chosen to enter a clinical trial using the Gliasite device for brain tumor treatment. CNI also participates in numerous national clinical trials through local Cancer Centers, including the USA Mitchell Cancer Institute.

Patient Care:

Patients can take advantage of being close to home with clinic sites located throughout southwest Alabama while receiving quality, personalized treatment.

If necessary, our patients have the option of consulting Dr. Flotte, who is the only neurosurgeon in our area who received specialized training in neuro-oncology.

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