Biking for Back Pain

Your weekend bike getaway could be causing you back pain in unexpected ways. In order to keep your lower back strain free, your hips have to be stable. If you see someone cycling with their hips swaying from side to side, they are likely causing their back strain. Here are some easy precautions to take the next time you hit the pavement.

Check your fitting


Take your bike to a professional shop and have them adjust it to your body size. Be sure to mention your back pain (and any other ailments) so they can help you pick a position that is right for you.

Try a Stationary Bike


It may not be the most glamorous adventure, but a stationary bike can be less jarring to your spine. The rough terrain of mountain biking, or even riding through poorly paved streets, can jolt pain up your back at the slightest bump in the road. If you really like that outdoor feel, put your bike in front of a window or the television and watch La Tour de France.

Lean Forward


Depending on your back ailments, leaning forward may be more comfortable for you. Consider fitting your bike with a set of handlebars that allow for comfortable forward leaning.

Lean Back


If you’re the reclining sort, try a reclining or recumbent bike. Reminiscent of a paddle boat, these new bikes are better for those who are more comfortable in a reclining position, but still love to get out on the road.

Absorb the Shock


There are tons of additions you can make to your bike to enhance the smoothness of your ride. Look at seats and seat covers, handlebar covers, gloves, and shock absorbers on the front forks.

Add a Pre-Cycling Workout


Doing simple plank exercises will help improve your core muscles to support your lower back. Stretching out your hamstrings will improve your flexibility. Your body is always changing, so make sure to regularly adjust your riding position if it becomes painful.

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