5 Ways to Avoid Text Neck

“Text Neck” is not just a problem for teenagers who spend hours upon hours a day on their phones. Adults who spend hours at work checking their phones or reading over the top of their glasses are placing added stress on their spine. There are simple things you can do while at work or school to stabilize your neck and improve your posture.

Look With Your Eyes
Your eyes have quite a wide range of motion, look down at your phone with your eyes rather than bending over or hunching your neck. You can see your phone just as well and you won’t get a stiff neck.

Chest is Best
Hold your phone up at chest-level, rather than down in your lap. This will reduce the angle you bend your next and take off some of that added weight from your 12 pound head.

Stand up
Standing up while you work has numerous benefits. It will improve your posture and keep your circulation moving.

Get Back on the Horse
If standing up all day causes you other problems, try straddling your chair like you are riding a horse. This will force your pelvis forward rather than allowing your back to slouch in your office chair.

Hold the Phone
The best and simplest way to avoid “text neck” is to use your phone less. This is obvious, but no one ever wants to take the obvious course.

If you are experiencing recurring or severe neck pain, talk to a CNI neurosurgeon today and schedule an appointment to see how you can avoid the hunchback lifestyle.

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