5 Swimming Exercises to Help Back Pain


Pool exercises can improve flexibility, agility, balance, and cardiovascular fitness. Here are some simple exercises to try at home, or at your local pool, to help ease back pain, in a sweat-free way.



While standing on one leg, stretch out the other leg while one hand holds onto the side of the pool. This exercise will strengthen and stretch your leg, hip, and lower back muscles.



Walking forward and backward in chest-high water works your leg muscles, while exerting limited impact of the knees or hips. Turn your casual pool stroll into aquatic power walking by adding hand float or light weights. Alternate walking and jogging gently in place for a more intense workout.



With the help of a therapist or a floatation device, float on your back and make paddling motions with your arms and legs to strengthen those muscles, with low impact on your back.



Stand on one leg while raising your other knee to hip level. Place a pool noodle under your raised foot, so the noodle forms a “U.” Hold as long as you can, up to 30 seconds, then switch legs.



In deeper water, loop 1-2 noodles around your back and rest your arms on top of the noodle for support in the water. Move your legs as if you are riding an invisible underwater bicycle.


Before starting any pool exercise program, always check with your physical therapist or physician to make sure pool exercises are right for you. Find out more about how a CNI neurosurgeon may be just the thing you need to alleviate your back pain. Click here to schedule an appointment today.






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