5 Medical Reasons To Choose A Neurosurgeon

It Took A Brain Surgeon To Fix My Back, Neck, And Spine.

When dealing with head, neck, and spine pain it’s important to find a physician(s) with answers. There are many medical specialties to turn to. At CNI, we believe that our neurologists are your wisest choice. Our neurosurgeons give you answers, work to relieve your pain, and offer the quickest recovery possible. Lastly, neurosurgeons are the only medical specialists that can treat the entire spine including the spinal cord.

Need more information before you are convinced?

Here are 5 medical reasons to choose a neurosurgeon:


Neurosurgeons are trained to focus specifically on the interconnectivity of the brain, spine, and peripheral nerves.


Our neurosurgeons apply the same delicate techniques they use on the brain to your neck and spine.


The spine and related nerves are not complex to a neurosurgeon.


Our surgeons practice conservative treatments and only operate when it is necessary.
Our neurosurgeons have been trained to perform advanced minimally invasive procedures. This means they can offer the smallest operation available to provide the relief you are looking for. Occasionally, a more involved operation is required but for most patients simpler is better-less risk, faster recovery, unsurpassed results.


Unlike other medical specialties that require only six to twelve months of fellowship training to perform spine related procedures, neurosurgeons train for six to nine years.

Each neurosurgeon at CNI is board certified and combined they have 80 years of experience. Our surgeons put an emphasis on patient education and they take the time to explain your specific condition. We support second opinions and we want to provide you with any information you need to decide on any treatment or surgical procedure.

Looking for answers for that chronic pain you just can’t shake, our a new neurosurgeon? CNI offers neurosurgical coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Why would you choose CNI? Our doctors and staff have the most experience on the Gulf Coast and have been treating the entire spine, our specialty, since 1960.

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